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The History Behind Trilogy Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, why have one diamond when you can have three?

When it comes to designing your engagement ring the possibilities are endless; solitaires, halos, diamond shoulders and trilogy rings are some of the options available. Trilogy rings, once considered to be a very traditional setting, are making a come back. So, why three diamonds?

Diamond trilogy rings are rich in symbolism. One diamond is said to represent the present, the second diamond representing the past and the last diamond representing the future. For this reason alone, trilogy rings were first introduced as anniversary pieces. What better time to celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and look to the future, than on a day commemorating the day the couple wed or first came together? Soon enough trilogy rings also became the main choice for brides, so why have one diamond when you can have three?

trilogy ring


Here, at Daniel Christopher Jewellery we have a a wide selection of trilogy rings, which can be made with your choice of stones and metal. Our most recent piece is this beautiful emerald trilogy ring, set with a 1.00ct E colour VS2 center stone and two matching 0.50ct emerald cut diamonds on the side as seen at the top of this article.


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