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10 Tips on how to buy a diamond

There are many diamond retailers; some good, some bad. How do you choose the right one? See our top 10 tips below.

How to buy a diamond…..

10 tips on how to buy a diamond: 

  1. Research research research. Don’t necessarily believe everything you are told about what to select and why. Rather than relying on retailers websites, the best place to research is an independent body such as the GIA ( who offer impartial expert advice without having a financial interest in the diamond. 
  1. Buy with confidence – select an independent certificate. Again don’t rely on the retailer to recommend, or certify a diamond for you. They will very rarely tell you the diamond is worse than it is – and how do you know their expertise are up to scratch? Ensure you select an independent certificate such as the GIA (, IGI (, or HRD ( You know you can trust these independent, non profit companies, and the diamonds will hold their value far better than an uncertified, or badly certified diamond. 
  1. Look for a specific diamond. Rule out the ranges of colour and clarity. For example, if a website is offering G/H colour VS/SI clarity, you don’t know the exact quality of the diamond; and you can assume the diamond will be the lower of the qualities described. 
  1. Use a jeweller who is affiliated to trade organisation such as the British Jewellers Association (BJA), the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) or the London Diamond Bourse (LDB). This way you can both rely on the jeweller to uphold traditional values and should the worst come to the worst you have a trade body to contact in case of any unresolved dispute. 
  1. Ensure you get a money back guarantee. For most jewellers this is now a matter of course but some do not offer it, and in these instances you have to ask why? This way you can buy with confidence that should your loved one not love the design, or diamond, then it can be returned for exchange or refund. The exception to this rule is when you commission a bespoke piece, which is normally non-refundable. 
  1. Verify your diamond report with the company it comes from. Use the GIA report check (; HRD ‘check your certificate’ (; or the IGI verify your report function ( This way you know for certain that the diamond certificate is authentic and has not been forged, or falsified. 
  1. Always check your diamond’s laser inscription. Whenever you collect, or drop off your diamond for service, always check the laser inscription. Any jeweller with minimal expertise will have a microscope to show you the diamond laser inscription. You will need to view at a minimum of 20 x magnification so if they do not have a microscope a 20x loupe will suffice. 
  1. Know your jeweller. Research the company. Where are they based? Who owns the company. Have they ever been declared bankrupt? Do they belong to trade organisations? If they say so check with the organisation themselves – do not assume as they have the Logo on their website they are truly affiliated. 
  1. Proceed cautiously with overseas retailers. While in the UK companies have to adhere to specific rules and regulations on distance selling and consumer rights, those not based in the UK have no such restrictions. Be sure where you are sending your money to…   
  2. View the diamond in person. Especially when viewing fancy shape and fancy coloured diamonds you must view them in person as, while certificates tell you a lot, they do not tell you everything. For example an emerald cut can have a length to width ratio of 1.1:1, or 2:1; the corners can be tiny or huge, many display the bow tie effect;…and without viewing the diamond there is no way to know.


Engagement Rings

We understand an engagement ring is a significant investment for our clients, as well as an emotional purchase. With our on site workshop and exceptional selection of certified diamonds we are perfectly placed to create you an engagement ring of the finest quality at a highly competitive price.

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