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World's Largest Blue Star Sapphire Found

BBC World Asia reports on the finding of the largest blue star sapphire.

World's Largest, Certified by Colombo

Currently valued at $100m it is estimated that it may be possible for sale at auction at an astonishing $175m! 

Colombo in Sri Lanka confirms that the gem weighing 1404.49 carats is the largest certified.

See the article from the BBC here:


The engagement of Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales in 1981 saw the introduction of her engagement ring created by jeweller Garrard, for 28k GBP.

The engagement ring is also believed to include a Sri Lankan sapphire.

More recently, the ring was worn by The Duchess of Cambridge during her engagement to Prince William from October 2010. 

Sri Lanka is world renowned for its long history in the gem industry. Some most commonly known sapphires are the blue sapphires from Sri Lanka also known as Ceylon Sapphire. The quality - colour, clarity and lustre are said to be unique in relation to those from other countries. 


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